Meaning Of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility has become popular in the past decade, however it is in consideration from long time. CSR means that organization’s moral, ethical and philanthropic responsibilities towards the society in addition to its responsibility towards investors by earning good return on their investments. According to traditional view of corporate, the primary responsibility of business is towards its owners and stock holders. However, CSR consider a broader view of the business responsibilities. It includes many aspects like workers, suppliers, customers, society, government and environment. In other words, the responsibility of organization towards every area affected by it means towards all the stakeholders. CSR is different but …show more content…
Everybody define it in his own way, so many questions are raised regrading CSR out of which some are discuss as under.
1. The meaning of CSR is vary to author to author and organization to organization. Everybody gave their different opinions regarding the concept of CSR. However, collectively we can say that corporate responsibility is beyond the core function of business. It is an activity of business for welfare of all stakeholders without any profit motive.
2. Another important question is whether the steps taken by the business to welfare of the society, are really good enough for the society. A company cannot do these responsibilities alone. They must have taken the opinion of all stakeholders like employees, investors, non-government bodies and government authorities etc.
3. Company has to discover what it can do more to fulfill the social responsibility duty means company has to find the other areas where it can play a positive role to the growth of the society. Many companies do social responsibility audit to check its performance in the field and to find new areas of
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