Essay on Me Love That Dog By Sharon Creech

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To me Love that Dog by Sharon Creech is a novel about how students first learn to write poems. For example, in Jack’s second poem he says that he cannot write a poem because his brain is empty. (pg. 2) when I read this it reminded me of when I had to write my first poem and of how long it took me to actually write the poem. I of the things that I think Miss Strechberry does as an effective teacher is encouraging Jack to write a poem. As well as agree to not put Jack’s poem on the board or read it out loud. Because she knows how uncomfortable Jack is about having his poems on display. Another thing that Miss Stretchberry does is pick up on the fact that the blue car means something to Jack and that it has something to do with a pet. Another thing that Miss Stretchberry does really well, is introduce new poems to Jack. I think that this plays a big role in the story because that is how Jack starts to break out of his shell and really start to not only write poems but write poems about things that mean something to him. Miss Stretchberry also sees a poet in Jack and she does what every teacher should do and that is recognize that one of her students’ has an interest and use that interest to teach. One of the best things that Miss Stretchberry did to help Jack keep his interest in poetry was have him write to one of his favorite authors. Because of this Jack is able to write his poem love that dog. When I read this poem I could feel just how much Sky meant to Jack.
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