Max Is A Great Student Essay

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Max is a great student to have in class when he is not being difficult with classwork. He recieves support from a school psychologist for emotional difficulties and he is in the resource room for 3 out of the 7 periods for his learning difficulties. Max is provided instruction in english, history, and Math. Math is a one-on-one tutoring period. This period he focuses on homework that he is working on from his math class. He typically works well when he is in the resource room, but will have his head down and needs reminders to keep it up. Max loves to hang out with his friends and will do so

Max will not complete work in math, he claims that "the math is too hard", "I am not smart", and "I don’t want to do this". Max comes in every day for math help during 4th period, right after he has already had an hour of math class. Some days he will work, but more often he will complain and say that he does not remember what to do, which most of the time he doesn’t know what to do. If he doesn’t understand what to do he will often just sit in his chair staring blankly. Concluding to the realization that Max does this to escape from doing math.Max will typically do this all period, unless I push him to do his work. Max will always try to get out of doing work, the behavior will not stop untill the end of the period or untill Max has completed the work he has in front of him.

Max will be given extra time in a quiet room for any test or quizzes. He will either take assignments to the…

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