Essay on Maus

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1. What is your first impression of Vladek Spiegelman? What does his remark about friends suggest about his personality? How does it foreshadow revelations later in the book?
Our first impression of Vladek Spiegelman is that he is a man of stories and a man of wisdom. His remark about friendship suggests his own past of hardships and foreshadows his experiences during the holocaust.
1. What has happened to Artie’s mother?
Artie's mother--Anja, a holocaust survivor--has passed away from a suicide.
2. How does Vladek get along with Mala, his second wife?
Vladek and Mala never seem confortable living with each other and constantly bicker and complain about each other's actions.
3. How long has it been since Artie
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How does his health figure elsewhere in the book?
When Artie comes to visit, Vladek is sorting pills and vitamins. In between stories, Vladek is constantly mentioning various health problems he has, and nearly has a heart attack later in the book.
2. How does Vladek become wealthy?
Vladek becomes wealthy through his textile shop and by marrying Anja.
3. What does Vladek see while travelling through Czechoslovakia?
4. Why does the artist place a swastika in the background of the panels that depict the plight of Jews in Hitler’s Germany (p. 33)? Why, on page 125, is the road that Vladek and Anja travel on their way back to Sosnowiec also shaped like a swastika? What other symbolic devices does the author use in this book?
Throughout Maus many symbolic devices are used, most notably, the inclusion of animal characters instead of human ones. Spiegelman places swastikas throughout the work to possibly convey the presence of the Nazis--they were inescapable for Jews in Europe.
1. When Aritie refused to finish his food as achild, what did Vladek do? How does this characterize Anja’s leniency with her son?
When Artie refused to finish his food, Vladek would have him sit at the table until he finished it. Anja loves her son and is more forgiving, characterizing her leniency.
2. Why was Vladek’s father so reluctant to let him serve in the Polish Army? What means did he use to keep him out?
Vladek's father did not want him to serve in the Polish

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