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GUILT is an emotion one gets when he/she believes or discovers that he/she did a wrong deed and valuated his/her standard social, moral or penal code ( Chaplin, 1975). The intensity of guilt varies from one person to another. When some individuals survive a horrific event, they get this overwhelming feeling of guilt and blame themselves for surviving the abominable situation that others did not survive. This state of mind is a mental condition and is sometimes termed as imagined guilt. It may be found in survivors of holocausts, natural disasters, mass murder and pandemics e.g. the 9/11 Oklahoma City bombings. While this guilt might not be experienced by everyone, it a research based
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These survivors may even contemplate suicide. According to Melisa Brymer who is a director of disaster and terrorism curriculum at UCLA Neuropsychiatric institute, survivor’s loss is many a times, “an expression of grief and loss.” (CNN, 2015).
Right from the beginning of the book Maus, you could clearly tell that the relationship between Art Spielgelman and his dad was not good. The two used to not see each other often although they lived in the same house. Art also admits that he did not help his father to do work most of the time his dad asked for help. Art never understood or liked his father. Moreover, Vladek was a neat freak and Art hated this about him. It was even hard for Vladek to tell him about his past but he later caved in and agrees to tell him about his past. Vladek tells his about how wealthy he was and how and when he got married to his wife and Art’s mother, Anja. He also told him how his father in law assisted him financially to open a factory in Poland. Life was perfect for Vladek up until the arrival of the Germans to Poland. Vladek is then arrested and taken to as a slave or prisoner of war. When Vladek and his family try to hide and escape from the Germans, they experience a lot of challenges. They are caught after a while and Vladek and his family are sent to Aushwitz camp. They try their best to survive in the camp and soon the war is over. Vladek and his family are set free.

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