Material Management - Why Is Cycle Counting a Better Way to Audit Inventory Records Than an Annual Physical Inventory

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1. What is the objective of marketing? What three ways will help it achieve this objective? 2. For the following data, calculate the number of workers required for level production and the resulting month-end inventories. Each worker can produce 9 units per day, and the desired ending inventory is 800 units. Why is it not possible to reach the ending inventory target 3. What is a scheduled receipt? From where does it originate? 4. What are the two ways of balancing capacity available and load? Which is preferred? Why? 5. A company
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1. What is wealth, and how is it created? What is value added, and how is it achieved? Explain with examples? 2. What is a material requirements plan? What is the difference between dependent and independent demand? Explain with examples. 3. Complete the following table. Lead time for the part is two weeks. The lot size is 100. What is the projected available at the end of week 3? When is it planned to release an order?

4. What is capacity planning? What are the responsibilities of capacity management? Describe the steps in capacity planning? Explain with examples? 5. What is the responsibility of production activity control? What are the major functions of planning, implementation & control? Explain with examples? 6. An order for 50 of a product is processed on world centers A and B. The setup time on A in 60 minutes, and run time is 5 minutes per piece. The setup time on B is 30 minutes and the run time is 6 minutes per piece. Wait time between the two operations is 10 houses. The move time between A and B is 60 Minutes. Wait time after operations is 10 houses. The move time into stores is 2 houses. The move time into stores is 2 hours. Queue at work center A is 40 hours and at B is 35 hours. Calculate the total manufacturing lead time for the order. And also calculate the total manufacturing lead time for the order. 7. What is period order quantity? How is

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