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Homework 1
Read the paragraph below. It comes from a real situation encountered in one of the Big Three U.S. automobile manufacturers. Diagnose the errors that might have been made in managing across the various functional areas that were involved in designing the automobile.
The total amount of electrical power in a vehicle is determined by the capacity of the alternator. The power must serve over twenty subsystems, such as the stereo, the engine, the instrument panel, and so on. These subsystems are developed and controlled by separate “chimney” organizations, and power allocations must be made for each subsystem.
The problem was, in this vehicle program, when the requirements of all the chimneys and teams were added up,
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The compliances and trainings are useful to let the groups have cohesion. Cohesion is very important to team works.

2. Which other key stakeholders should Keith deal with? What advice would you give him for dealing with these other key stakeholders?
In my opinion, the main problem is hard to control a lot of groups in cross-functional project. We can learn from the paragraph, many of the chimney representatives do not make any compromises and think it is none of their business.
The following things is Keith needs to do at the beginning of the program: * Clarify goals and charter and get team buy-in: Keith needs to tell each design group what is the goal and let them know everything about the program such as the deadline of the program and what is the demand they need to arrive * Seek to create a critical mass of leadership: Keith needs to pick a leader in each group. Doing like this, it is easier for Keith to know what and how the program is doing. Meanwhile, it is also easier for Keith to manage so many groups. * Provide the cross-functional team with constantly updated and relevant information and the authority to make decisions: Since that Keith may not know everything about the different parts of the program, it is better to provide the team their own authority to make decisions. * Train members in teamwork and process management: Keith also needs to have several

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