Mass Media And Its Effect On College Campuses Essay

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Copycat Crimes

Why this level of violence continues to happen on college campuses, in opposite to other places is obvious. This type of shooting creates media frenzy and as I stated earlier media notoriety. The considerable media exposure creates a media blitz for those who want to make a statement by murdering their fellow students. This is clearly a copycat crime and unfortunately, some sicko may want to up the body count to beat the record. According to Surette, (2015) “Waves of fads and fashion have established the fact that people lift behavior models from the media, and this connection has been extrapolated to include the mimicking of media-portrayed criminal acts. Public interest in relation of mass media to copycat crime emerged with the entertainment media of the late nineteenth century”(p. 82).

Besides, from the media, it appears that the Internet has co-signed in the role of spreading the news about such violence as hate and gun crimes. I find it to be quite odd in America’s history that people not just inside the US, but others abroad can learn how to make a bomb, communicate effectively, anonymously and organize hate crime attacks with a multitude of hate groups or terrorists. According to Surette (2015), “The growing concern that media messages could influence people to commit crime sparked investigations and censorship drives against the media in the early 1920s” (p. 82). This copycat trend could very well fade away and this horrific time in…

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