Masks, Journey Of Identity Discovery Essay

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Anaahad Kaur
Mrs. Gianola
UW 240
30 March, 2015
Masks, Journey of Identity Discovery
Would you agree that stubborn, weak, and trivial are some of the ultimate descriptions that women have been described as throughout the ages? Born in 1973, Dao Strom is a Vietnamese American writer who used roughly of her own personal experiences to produce the fictional novel, Grass Roof, Tin Roof. This story is about a young troubled Vietnamese women, Tran and her family as they struggle to resettle in a rural city in California. Their fight for an identity and acceptance of questionable cultural norms by society is one of many the mystifying immigrant experiences many others have faced. Throughout this work of fiction the author writes the perspective, experience and struggles of each family member. In the novel, Grass Roof, Tin Roof, by Dao Strom, the main character Tran, is ruled by cultural norms and gender expectations forced upon her by society changing her interpersonal dynamics throughout the novel. There are very clear cultural norms which display Tran as being an alien who doesn’t fit into the expected role of a mother. The quote, “She will learn how to drive a car. She will drive the children to track practice, bus stop, the park, the library, the grocery store, the pizza parlor. (pg. 49-50 Strom)” talks about the ‘normal’ and ‘expected’ norms of a suburban American mother. When the author writes “She will drive the children to track practice” she is speaking not only about…

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