Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein And The Monster Essays

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In Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein and the Creature seem different. God created man in his own image and as Victor played the role of God it shows that he may have created the creature in his own image. Victor and his creation may not look similar, however, both seem highly intelligent and crave knowledge. Many differences can distinguish the two characters and many instances seen throughout the novel show the creature and his creator are one in the same. From Victor and the monsters interactions along with individual scenes the audience can infer the monster though never truly knowing his creator has seemed to inherit some of victor 's traits and personality. Victor and the monster he created both have a thirst for knowledge, isolation from society, a deep connection with nature, and vengeful tendencies seen throughout the novel. Victor from a young age was very ambitious and yearned for knowledge. This lead him to the study of biology at the university in Ingolstadt. He learns all he can from his professors and then further pushes the boundaries by learning the “secret to life”, thus creating the monster. However, this characteristic of craving knowledge can be seen not only in Victor but also in the monster. Created and abandoned from the start the creature must learn and teach himself about life and the world. The creature driven to learn for a chance at acceptance and companionship, however, Victor driven by his thirst for power, fame,…

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