Mary Church Terrell Civil Rights Movement

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“Too long have we been silent under unjust and unholy charges; we cannot expect to have them removed until we disprove them through ourselves" (Terrell). Even the fundamentally good ideals of feminism were flawed. During the rising time of feminism and women’s rights, justice for black women was all but ignored. Mary Church Terrell was a key factor in beginning the movement that eventually brought civil rights to black women. She proved to her oppressors and other African American women that they had the power and capability to change society. Terrell used newspaper articles, grassroots outreach and her organisation The National Association for Colored Women (NACW) to inform America about new activism. Terrell began a political revolution …show more content…
Introducing African American female rights activism to society was one of the biggest effects Terrell had (Black Past Remembered). The importance of helping impoverished black is clear, by improving the situation you are proving to other oppressors that you are capable to of the same things that other races and gender are. Terrell took the crucial first step to equal rights by empowering and improving other women's lives . By improving African American women's lives, she began improving society's idea of them. The stereotype of the ignorant black woman whose main focus was raising children and tending to the house started to disappear. …show more content…
Terrell wanted to improve African Americans position, not by attacking and destroying her opposition, but rather by demonstrating unity and showing the value of working together. In her first presidential address for the NACW she delivered a speech entitled “In union there is strength” meant to show the benefits gained by having all races and all genders come together. She fought bravely to focus on improving the climate and environment of racism in America instead of individual laws and individual issues (Black Past Organisation). Instead of most suffragettes of the time she called to men as well women in her speeches wanting to conjoin the sexes to gain more power in the Us. This was one the key ways she changed the public's perception of her race. She showed America that she did not mean to strip others of their rights but instead fight to for civil rights. For example in this speech she demonstrated that there are many valuable benefits to be found by combining their strengths “It did not take long for men to learn that by combining their strength, a greater amount of work could be accomplished with less effort in a shorter time. Upon this principle of union, governments have been founded and states built”. Her other main platform was meant to decrease sexism in the future generations “Let the

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