Lillian Wald Hero

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Have you ever wondered how much our civil rights has changed over the years? And how women, and people with color are treated differently now? Lillian Wald has achieved many things to help contribute to our civil rights today. “Hero” is definitely the word to describe her. Wald provided great help to the civil rights movement, helped poor immigrants get back up onto their feet, and dedicated her time to children. Lillian proved herself as a hero by standing for civil rights. In 1903, she funded the Women's Trade Union League to further investigate woman's working conditions ( ). While World War 1, 1914, Wald marched with 1,500 woman down 5th avenue in a “ Woman's Peace Parade” ( Lillian achieved many things for civil rights, but the most notable work she did was her involvement with the “National Negro Conference”. That conference became the “founding meeting” of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. ( …show more content…
When she was working towards peace during WW1, in 1919, she was listed in a document that pointed towards people who supported the german ( people we were against during the war). When getting on that document, she was fighting for peace, therefore people thought her actions to fight for peace were radical ( In the face of all of the judgment, Lillian still came up with different ideas to fight for what she believed in no matter what other people thought of her actions. Lillian Wald should be identified as a hero because she made a significant difference in civil rights, put a lot of effort into making children's’ lives better, and taught poor immigrants how to care for themselves. While doing these things, Lillian inspired a lot of people. If she were still alive today, I bet she would be encouraging people to get out and make a

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