Martin Luther 's 95 Luther Essay

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Karlene RadwayHUMN 41751Mr. FeldmanDate: 04-20-16Martin Luther’s 95 ThesesMartin Luther is one of the greatest religious trailblazers that the world has everwitnessed. He is remembered by most as the man that sparked the beginning of the ProtestantReformation by posting his 95 Theses for all to see. Some viewed Luther as a heretic, whileothers perceived him as an activist for religious truth and sovereignty. Martin Luther disagreedwith several elements of the Catholic religious system and he voiced his opposition to theCatholic papacy by distributing and nailing his 95 Theses to the Castle Church door inWittenberg on October 31, 1517. Martin Luther’s publishing of the 95 Theses assisted him inexposing the unethical selling of indulgences, demonstrated that the Bible should be viewed asthe primary source of all authority, and revealed the extensive corruption within the CatholicChurch.One of the most significant elements that Luther disagreed with was the corrupt selling ofindulgences. For many people, “indulgences were simply a matter of absolution and release frompenance in return for payment” (Wilson 91). The Catholic Church convinced followers to believethat buying indulgences would absolve them of all of their sins and grant them admittance toGod’s kingdom. Luther stated, “‘those who believe that, through letters of pardon, they aremade sure of their own salvation will be eternally damned along with their teachers (thirty-second thesis)” (Sayre 264). Luther believed the…

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