Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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Martin Luther KingJr., born on January 15,1929, in his grandparents ' home in Atlanta, Georgia. His parents were Martin (Michael) Luther King, Sr., a Baptist minister, and Alberta Williams Kim, a former teacher. Luther King 's father had originally named him Michael, after his father, but Martin Luther King 's father later changed both of his names to Martin Luther, in honor of the 16th-century German religious reformer. (Lambert, K. (1993) Martin Luther King, Jr.: Civil Rights Leader, 1993. Chelsea House Publishers.The United States of America. P.15) Luther King, Jr., a Baptist minister, and Civil-Rights activist inspired blacks and whites to protest racial inequality by using peaceful methods (Lambert,1993,n/p). Luther’s philosophies impacted the Nation of The United States, bringing hope, equal rights, and freedom to the Black community .
As some brilliant minds have been inspired by women and men’s successful ideologies, families relationships or past experiences ; likewise, Luther KingJr. was motivated and inspirited by others and by certain circumstances such as racial problems during his early years. Although King’s early years were also shaped by the realities of economic depression and Jim Crow segregation (page 10 Revolution of the Conscience) , Martin Luther’s family environment also played an important role in shaping Luther King’s identity and ideologies. Firstly, the "The King children grew up in a secure and loving environment".…

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