Essay Martin Luther King Jr.

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Imagine a world where people were belittled because they were a certain color or color. To be denied something since you were different. That was a world that Martin Luther King Jr. lived in. Martin Luther King Jr. was an African American Minister and a civil rights activist. But he was not the only one. There were other activists such as Malcom X, Dorothy Height, and Rosa Parks. But Martian Luther King Jr. was the best civil rights activists because of his noble values, nonviolent protests, and relatable speeches.
Racial inequality wasn’t a new concept in the middle 1900’s, so it wasn’t surprising when King was attacked during his life. One of the first instances of racial inequality was when King’s family was escorted out of the back of a shoe store and told that they did not serve blacks. And when King was in high school, he won second place during an oratory contest, but his high spirits were knocked down when he was forced to stand the long bus ride back home seeing that black people were not allowed to sit down. But through these hardships, and the teachings of Gandhi, Martin developed values that he would take into adulthood. King believed in ten core values that he followed and shared through his speeches. He believed people needed; faith, courage, soul force, justice, love, community, human dignity, forgiveness, suffering and sacrifice. King thought that people needed faith to help them keep fighting for what’s right. People also needed courage to stand up for what…

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