Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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When examining Martin Luther King Jr.’s peacebuilding work, he can be perceived as a powerful individual. In the beginning years of his life, he witnessed a magnitude of mistreatment towards his race. Martin also was affected by his father’s beliefs on religion and the treatment of the African American people. As a result he began his work for the African American civil rights movement. His idea to bring America together and abolish segregation was to use nonviolence. Martin wanted to remain peaceful, and used his definition of peace to enact that. His idea of peace was to create equality throughout American without harm being done. He exercised this belief in many ways, one being his well-known walk on Washington in 1963. Also Martin organized many nonviolent protests for the civil right movement. For instance the Montgomery Bus boycott is where Martin started to gain popularity for the African American Civil rights movement. Martin Luther King Jr.’s peacebuilding was also the leading cause of many changes in the United States, and can be seen in many ways today. He is celebrated and studied for the impactful work he did for America. However, there are still ways the United States could alter its ways to create a more equal society. In today’s time with the Black Lives Matter movement growing, Martin Luther King Jr.’s beliefs could be crucial. By using nonviolent ways to bring the world to peace, Martin gave America a chance to change drastically. Through his childhood and…

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