Martin Luther King In Jail Analysis

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From the inside of a jail cell, Martin Luther King Jr. expressed the fact that breaking laws that are not just isn’t wrong, although his actions have landed him in jail he writes with joy, because it is his protest that has landed him in jail, and being in jail means people are paying attention to his cause. He believes that laws that are unjust are only meant to be broken because they are not really laws. As were the Jim Crow laws of degraded the mentality and forced the spirit of African Americans living under these laws plummet. Throughout the letter he stresses the fact that laws that are unjust, should not even be laws and it is more than right to break them simply to make an example of them. Breaking such is what landed him in jail but …show more content…
But the thing is that, laws that are unjust are often forced onto people the same way that the law prohibits. It is quite clear his point of view towards that matter, considering that he deems his life to be less the a law that has betrayed him. He thinks that laws that are unjust are still to be respected but are they really. It is a great misconception that all laws are just and that just because they seem just to some doesn’t make them fair. Why else would Dr. King have the need to protest against unfair treatment by the law itself? It is his protest that has landed him in jail, but from a jail cell he expresses his discontent with the system that has landed him in jail because the only real law he broke was rallying with his brothers and sister who shared his same discontent with the law. It is very moronic for man who can walk out of prison not want to leave, who in their right mind would prefer to be killed by the laws that he so passionately has lived by for seventy years and now he is facing those same very laws that he so dearly protects. So when the question of whether it is right to break unjust laws arises, the answer is more than clear. Because a law that degrades and demoralizes ones self is no law at all, and if exposing this law is illegal isn’t just more right. Socrates believe that is a sort of domino effect when everyone gets to breaking the law after the law does them wrong, but he is wrong, because if in breaking law you get your point across then you can actually make change. A perfect example of this is Dr. King’s cause; he does not care who he has to go through because the need for his people’s sake outweighs anything else in his mind. It is the people of color who are being served the wrong side of the law every time that they are unfairly and unjustly arrested or even lynched by a mob of angry racist people who have nothing better to do with

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