Martin Luther King And Malcolm X During The Civil Rights Movement

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Martin Luther King and Malcolm X During the Civil Rights Movement there were many different kinds of leaders trying to unite the black race and gain equality. Among those leaders, the most prominent and glorified was Martin Luther King. King was a minister from Atlanta, became the spokesman for the fight for equality. King stuck out more than others because of his non violent tactics, which involved peaceful protests, sit-ins and boycotts. Also, during this time there was another leader with different views and different methods who remained in the shadows of King 's spotlight. This man was named Malcolm X. These two men, although fighting for the same result, were also fighting between themselves in their beliefs about which path was correct to obtain equal rights. Both of these men rose to become powerful and influential men and created mass attention to the problems blacks faced. Their views were affected by their childhood, role models, and other events in their lives. The influences of these men go back as far as early 1900 's, with Booker T Washington and W.E.B. Dubois to a few decades later with Marcus Garvey and A. Phillip Randolph. To better understand Martin Luther King and Malcolm X views, I will compare them to previous leaders like them, who like them devoted all of their efforts to the fight for equality for the black race.
On January 15th, 1929, Martin Luther King was born in an Atlanta hospital. Being the son (and grandson) of a respected minister, Martin…

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