Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X: An Analysis

The meaning of the Civil Rights Movement was to establish equality for African Americans, and Blacks in the United States. Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X were two African American leaders of the Civil Rights Movement. They both instilled respect, pride, and religion into black community. Their leadership was to promise African Americans and Blacks through the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments equality and justice. In addition to their leadership, Dr. King and Malcolm X were involved in transforming the U.S. government in the Civil Rights Bill. This measure assures African Americans equal rights. Although, African Americans improvements have been made since the Civil Rights Movement, “25 % of African Americans continue to struggle through poverty and education” Graves (2013). The focus is to help poverty stricken African Americans build a structure in order to succeed in the promise of freedom and equality. Therefore, in order to evaluate blacks in America one needs to examine the effects of Dr. King and Malcolm X. To understand each of these individuals …show more content…
King and Malcolm X, and its history, one might question are blacks better off today than past generations. It depends who you ask. Black Nationalism is a concept that properly assesses the progression of Blacks in America. Blacks and whites alike, often view this concept related to Malcolm X’s theories of black separatism and violence. Beneath the primary theory of Black Nationalism, there are also subcategories, such as economic and community Black Nationalism. These subcategories are similar in that economic Black Nationalism contends that African Americans should practice economic autonomy throughout their communities, while community Black Nationalist contend that Blacks “should control and support communities and institutions where they dominate” Whited (2014). Although, many people are familiar with Black Nationalist, they do not understand the ideology of Black

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