Essay on Martin Luther King And Immanuel Kant

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When any decision is made the most important factor determining its conclusion is its justice. This justice is what is of question when concluding its accuracy, whether it is moral or just another human-made law. There are many writers thought history and from those Sophocles, Martin Luther King and Immanuel Kant will be discussed upon. These writers offered various conclusions upon what is the just and the unjust. In Kant’s works he basically emphasized that the consequences of a specific nation does not define a person’s personality as good or bad rather the motivation or the reasons behind the act define a person’s nature or personality. The emotions or desires behind doing something does not give a person there moral worth. Kant also believes that the action that anyone commits should be something that can be declared universal law, and if it cannot then it should never be performed.
In Martin Luther King’s Letter he gives much criticism from which he critics that injustice in the world is a threat to justice everywhere. Like Kant he also states that lawbreaking is okay if it is not the universal law, and by this Martin Luther King states that a law cannot be considered democratically structured if it leaves a minorities’ words or opinion unheard, since the minority did not receive any voting rights or practices there voice or judgment was left unheard, therefore any law made without everyone’s consent is unlawful. Again you see the relationship in Kant’s thinking in…

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