Essay on Martin Luther - A Theologist Of Antisemitism

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Martin Luther – a theologist of antisemitism

As the title suggests, this essay is about Martin Luther and his anti-Semitic views. Antisemitism is the hatred of the Hebrew people directed towards them just for the simple fact that they are Jewish. The word “antisemitism” appeared in year 1879 in an article written but the anarchist journalist Willhelm Marr. The etymology of the word comes from the word “anti” – meaning “against” and “Semitism”, which has its origins at the Hebrew word Shem, meaning “name”. Shem was the name of Noah’s son, the ancestor of the Hebrews. This attitude of hate directed towards the Jewish people expanded and gained more followers as time passed, reaching its peak at the Holocaust with repercussions in today’s world.
Martin Luther is considered to be one of the greatest theologians of all time. He was the leader of the Protestant Reformation and a great intellectual and reformer in the eyes of many modern day Christians. The common consensus is that Martin Luther, disgusted at the corruption of the Catholic Church, wanted to change everything for the better by bringing religion closer to the people, rather than just using priests to dictate everything. This is one perspective of Luther, but there is another side to the man that is much more accurate and unsettling that explains the effects that the offsprings of Lutheranism have had on the post-renaissance world. Luther was intolerant, sexist, racist, and very anti-Semitic. Luther wrote many…

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