Marriage, Sexual Imorality, And Divorce In Today's Church

Paul wrote what is now the book of First Corinthians as a letter to the church of Corinth. After hearing of disputes and worries from members of the church, Paul wrote the congregation letters (including first and second Corinthians) as counsel to guide the church back to the right path (Elwell & Yarbrough, 273). One of the problems listed is the concern of marriage. Paul responds to questions such as: should Christians get married? And what basis is there for divorce? In relation to today’s Church, the same problems are still taking place and the counsel Paul provides could greatly aid in strengthening the current Church.
The church of Corinth had come into being under Paul’s influence, however, “the Corinthians had departed from Paul’s instruction, apparently because ideas current in their own social setting appeared to make better sense” (Elwell & Yarbrough, 274). Sexual immorality and lack of self-control
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Similarly, it seems the majority of the Church today has changed its views on marriage, sexual immorality, and divorce in order to accommodate current societal standards. In today’s culture it has become “old fashioned” to remain sexually pure until marriage. Even in churches there are couples living together that have not bound themselves in marriage though, as Paul states, they have “become one flesh” (1 Cor 6:16). Also, couples now get divorced for all sorts of reasons (mostly petty) including couples in church. While many are results of an unequally “yoked” couple, it seems it is hardly from the non-believer “separating” or “standing in the way” of the believer’s relationship with the Lord. Rather, the believer many times shifts their focus away from the Lord on their own to accommodate their spouse. Some divorced couples even begin equally “yoked” yet allow trivial things to come between them and their

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