Essay on Marriage is a private affair; Sequel

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As Oekeke awoke, he shifted in his bed with a pain coming from his chest. It wasn’t a pain that made you clench up and scream, he knew from that moment something was very wrong. He tried to open his at last, from when he awoke his eyes were still weary but it seemed as though he was stuck in time. His heart pumped faster and his mind was propelling from left to right to across the back and back. All he could think of was his family, but with such confusion he could hardly focus on the realty of his situation. It was a sensation he’d never felt ever before, and as he saw his life flash by him he knew the only thing he could do was to wait it out. The old man finally grasped control of his life covered in sweat and disorientation. He asked …show more content…
Okeke finished by saying that everything will be alright and even if they do have their different mind and culture, there will always be a way to solve the issue through choice and absolute strength.
The man, finally relaxed in his sons arms, slowly slept back into his nightmare. His son, wife and kid all shared a final breath with him. Okeke slowly lifted his right fingers to his left ring finger and took his ring and opening his son’s pam and placing it in. Their eyes filled with tears and they were all at peace now a real family. A faint vision appeared flashing in quickly and Okeke was left in a bed which seemed to be in a hospital, from what he could tell. There was mirror hanging on the wall to his right and he looked at it and jumped out of bed seeing how old he looked. He started screaming and ran out but two nurses stopped him and brought him back to his bed. With the confusion and everything he was lead to believe, the nurses told him that he has Alzheimer’s and that once every couple of years he remember everything for a while. This was the first time in 10 years that it’s happened, he was short of breath and asked them what his visions and dreams were all about. They told him that his body is trying to fight the disease. He asked if he had kids and that part was true and they just finished visiting him a few hours ago. They told him

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