Essay about Marriage in the 1800s

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Jim Furdine February 7th 2014
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Marriage Portrayed by Women in the 1800s

Marriage has been portrayed as many things throughout the years. In the short stories, The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin and A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell both portray marriage, and how it does not always bring happiness. Each story was written by a married woman in the 1800s, this could reveal and interrupt how the lives of a married woman were in their time period. In each story, the main character is woman being overpowered by her husband, then when they find out they could be ‘free’ a sudden sigh of relief comes to mind. Only to be either be mislead or to feel trapped again. The authors Kate Chopin and Susan
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Only to be let down that her husband is still alive, and when she sees him, and her new life she pictured disappear, she dies of a broken heart since she already had a heart disease and, because she was so happy she could now be free and was broken hearted that in reality she was not (Chopin, 477). In Glaspell’s, A Jury of Her Peers, the protagonist, Minnie was unhappy with her life, and tired of portraying herself to seem happy when she was not, she supposedly murdered her husband for her freedom. Now, being able to do what she pleases with her life. In comparison, both stories conflict of unhappiness was solved due death. Relating to Chopin, her story is about a widower who is somewhat happy about her husbands passing, until she realizes he is still alive. As well as Chopin being a widower possibly happy over her husband’s death to now do what she pleases; write. However, each stories’ solved problem was ended differently. For example, Chopin’s, The Story of an Hour, had her character die after realizing her husband was still alive. Therefore, her dying solved her unhappiness, but she was not free due to death. But, in Glaspell’s, A Jury of Her Peers, Minnie’s unhappiness was solved by death as well, but only because she apparently murdered her husband. Therefore, her freedom and happiness was solved due death as well, but the death she caused. Which also does not lead her to freedom because she ends up in prison for the murder of Mr.

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