Marketing Wellness Case

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To capitalize on opportunities, health care organizations are beginning to understand the strategic benefits of wellness and prevention. This has prompted such organizations to conduct health fairs with an aim to market their products albeit with fragmented efforts. Marketing wellness aims at motivating individuals in a bid to change their behaviors and thus requires effective marketing skills to motivate and incentivize people to take part in wellness and prevention activities. However, such marketing activities are at times laden with ethical issues which may prevent heath care organizations from effectively reaching their target market on time and communicating the desired message.
The Case
A pharmaceutical company that wants to influence
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This seeks to link individuals, and in this case patients, with negative stereotypes, which in turn results in discrimination and prejudice. A promotion campaign that leads to stigma usually undermines an individual’s sense of self and can be corrected through a change of the persons one interacts with and may be difficult if such people are the marketers of a prescription drug. This would happen if the prescription drug could not be taken by people with weight problems or certain lifestyle diseases or some congenital …show more content…
The marketing campaign should be delivered with the accepted behavior to mitigate any ethical implications that may arise. Moreover, the marketing campaign should be based on the truth instead of the minimum requirement stipulated by the legal system. As a result, the manager should realize that the promotional strategies used present a greater burden of appealing and attracting new audience and should thus ensure that the marketing team follows the laid down protocol on passing information that does not misrepresent or coerce clients, patients, and physicians.
Moreover, the manager should ensure that his team of marketers embrace, communicate, and practice the basic ethical values that lead to the improvement of consumer confidence with regard to the integrity of the campaign and the prescription drug being passed across for sale. The brochures and DVDs should contain the right information about the prescription drug in addition to giving a guideline on the purpose of the drug without any undue

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