Essay about Marketing Analysis : Plexus Worldwide

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Plexus Worldwide is a company that produces many all natural products to help balance; weight, sugar levels, blood pressure, energy, and increases wealth. The United States as a whole is considered overweight and malnourished. Statistics stated on (, show that 78 million adults and 12.5 million children are considered obese.
Plexus Worldwide was founded in 2006, with the headquarters located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Later, the original founder was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and wanted to sell his company. After 9-11, Alfred Petterson wanted to start his own marketing sales as well. “I wanted to do network marketing as it could be done and should be done” Alfred states on ( At this point, he sold to Alfred Petterson, and he officially took over the company in May of 2008. When he bought Plexus Worldwide, they only had one product on the line, the Breast Chek Kit. Later Tarl Robinson, an investor, became partners with Alfred and was assigned the position as CEO. Then they assigned the clerk position to Alec Clark who became the third partner as well. Alec quotes, “ At Plexus, our mission is to enhance the health, wealth and happiness of our Ambassadors and Employees. And we’re seeing that happening across the country” ( Plexus Worldwide has continuously experienced growth throughout the entire country and other countries overseas. Recently, Plexus has been announced to be the 2nd…

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