Marketing Analysis : Marketing Mix Essay

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Marketing Mix
The marketing mix is all about 4Ps. It is very helpful to use 4Ps if someone wants to launch their products to the market and sell them to people. In the 4Ps includes product, price, place and promotion price by following all this the product can be attractive to people it must be the right prices and the right promotion to sell it. Also it must be in the right place to sell the product.
A product is an item that made for different people with different needs and wants. The product can be different style, size, for different religions and for different usage. Every product must have their life cycle which includes the growth phase, the maturity phase, the sale and decline phase. It is important to have interesting and attractive product to stimulate more demand.
The price of the products can be different because products can be different from each other. Basically customers pay for their products to enjoy it. In the marketing mix price is very important because it must be with the right price before you sell it to your customers. Also it is also a very important component of a marketing plan as it will help to the business to make more profit. The right pricing always help make the consumers eyes on the product which is cheaper. If the price is too high it means that the customers will pass your product and nobody will buy it.
Place is important as well because if you sell your product (chocolate) in the cloth store people not going to buy it because it must be…

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