Market Research Performance Objectives

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Acworth Accounting: 27 Pitt Street, Hawthorne QLD, who prepared the business plan for Houzit but who don’t have specialist market research staff
2. Lombard Consulting: 78 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD, who are a local specialist market research firm based in Brisbane specializing in home accessory products and markets.
3. Holt & Burrows: 58 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Vic, a national marketing firm based in Melbourne who consult on all issues relating to branding and marketing for all industries. They specialise in fashion, cosmetics and consumables.
The CEO explained that there was extensive information available in the company archives concerning customer feedback and surveys that has been collected by the stores over the past few years. This could prove useful in the research. The CEO also explained that you would need to have a member from head office do the information extraction work and could take up to 20 hours to complete.
The CEO would like to see a report that covered five main areas:
1. industry overview
2. target category and market
3. business
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Findings: A review of the research report provided to you by the consultant including: a brief summary of the report findings a description of how you confirmed the validity of information and data included in the report a statement assessing the relevance and usefulness of findings against research objectives.
2. Performance: assess the project performance against the research plan.
3. Review: A review of the feedback provided to you from various stakeholders, and any changes to the process required by this feedback. Also review all of the monitoring reports and monitoring activities completed throughout the project (in AT2) and make recommendations for changes or improvements to the research process.
With your completed report you also need to submit a revised set of research guidelines (from Assessment Task 1) incorporating the changes noted in your report for use in the next market research project.
Adjustment for distance-based learners:
No variation of the task is required.
You must provide:
A written Final Report (Steps

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