Mark Romanek Of ' Never Let Me Go Essay

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The quote “Knowing and living with the knowledge that one must die,”- means that death cannot be avoided. In some cases, we can delay death but eventually the reality is that we will all experience mortality. The director, Mark Romanek of ‘Never Let Me Go’ exhibits his views of individuals who are stripped from their personalities and are named as insignificant duplicates. The futuristic film, set in England in the mid-1990’s, portrays a dreary world where cloning is socially accepted with the end goal of being organ donors for other ‘legitimate individuals’. Ishiguro reinforces the idea of love and how it is vital to our existence. As well as this, they are fated to live, but having one purpose which is to save others while abiding to the donor system. They cannot fully experience the meaning of life as their first 16 years were spent isolated from the outside world, though how hard they may try to live decent lives.

Clones only have one proposition in life and that is to harvest their organs, just as what was set out for them; regardless of the possibility that they want to experience love. It is hard because society sees them as emotionless and disregards the fact that they 're also people and have feelings. When Tommy and Kathy goes to request for a deferral, they are halted at an entryway and this symbolizes that they have no privilege and can 't open the door to love: the rejection of a 'deferral’. Miss Emily announces that she ‘had to look into [their] souls’ by…

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