Marijuana Is An Addictive Drug Essay

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Introduction to marijuana
In the United Kingdom marijuana is a class B drug which means it is illegal to possess, distribute or sell.
Marijuana is a plant historically grown in warm climates such as: Columbia, Jamaica, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Thailand.In recent years there have been developments in the ability to replace year round warm climates with heat lamps. This means marijuana is now grown here in the UK and in our communities.
The cost of marijuana varies throughout the country. Ranging from £20 for 1.5-2 grams in areas in and around Aberdeen and in lower regions of Scotland it ranges between £10-£12.50 per gram but throughout the country the average price is around £20 for 3.5 grams.
Marijuana is not an addictive drug; although it does have many different side effects although it is said not to be addictive many people have become dependent on it after long term use. The misuse of marijuana
Research tells us that marijuana isn’t an addictive drug, but research also tells us that after long term use users can become dependent. The figures state that 10% of users become dependent on marijuana which tells us that 90% of users can use the drug recreationally but still illegally.
Although the drug isn’t addictive it does have many different effects. These effects can either be pleasant or unpleasant. The pleasant effects can include: relaxation, feelings of happiness, can make you very talkative…

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