Marijuan Substance Use And Addictive Disorder Essay

1742 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 7 Pages
Marijuana has been and will consistently continue to be a popular topic of conversation for many of years to come. The opinions surrounding the subject of marijuana varies greatly from person to person. While marijuana remains illegal on a federal level, several states within the United States are beginning to legalize, medically as well as recreationally. At this time, only some research has been conducted with several years and thousands of more dollars to be spent on research and answering our questions in the future. Based on the information collected, marijuana may be able to play a positive role in people’s lives for psychological issues and physical aches and pains.
In our textbook this semester, Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology, Ronald J. Comer illustrates in a table that while cannabis may be high on the potential intoxication scale, it has low addiction potential and low risk of severe or long-lasting behavioral or mental changes (Comer, 2016). The text within chapter 10 that discussed marijuana focused on substance use and addictive disorder, as well as the health benefits that the plant has been proven to provide people. The textbook clearly presented how scientists first came upon the healing nature that cannabis possessed. “In the 1980’s researchers developed precise techniques for measuring THC and for extracting pure THC from cannabis” (Comer, 2016) which opened many doors for its application into the medical world. After this took place, “cannabis was…

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