Margery Analysis

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According to Mirin Rubin “Parliament in this period was an expanding and evolving version of a royal council with its functions of deliberation and information gathering,(…)’ .For, Margery was proud of her father. She felt superior to many people because of her background. Despite the fact that she recognized her bad behaviors, it was difficult for her to let go this nature. She declared that the things she initiated, were a failure in the short or long term. This observation made people think that God wanted to punish her because of her attitude or that there was a curse on her. Facing these difficulties, Margery repented from her sins “(…) she asked God for mercy, and forsook her pride, her covetousness, and the desire that she had for worldly …show more content…
This idea to travel around was commanded by the Lord Jesus in order to make people know Christianity. The Lord asserted her that “ For I have ordained you to kneel before the trinity to pray for the whole world , for many hundred thousand souls shall be saved by your prayers.” Margery’s love for Christ and her strong desire to serve him, designated her as the ideal person to spread the gospel. However, the society was ruled so that she had to have her husband’s permission before traveling. After asking the permission to her husband, he agreed to go with her to different places. Margery was very concerned about giving all the glory to God. She did not want to be subject of any vainglory. Once again, the Lord appeared to reassure her that she could be a canal by which his name would be glorified. During her visits, she met different groups such as Clerics, doctors, anchorites and recluses. She was delighted to see that the holy spirit was presence. She did not miss an occasion to talk about Christ through her comforting words. For example, Margery recalled a scene that happened while she was visiting a place of monks. There was a monk that at first did not appreciate her presence, but who finally approached her. The monk asked Margery to tell whether he would be saved or not as the condition to know if God was truly speaking to her. After responding to him, the monk was so convinced that he

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