Margaret 's Influence On Arthuriana Essay example

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Margaret’s influence on Arthuriana appears in multiple disciplines for the direct similarity between her reign and Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur. Stephen Knight and Merry Wiesner-Hanks’ Arthurian Literature and Society depicts the key similarities. Lancelot and his party represent the Yorkists, Henry VI played Arthur, and Guinevere, locked in a tower, represents Margaret as she defended herself from outside attack and dealt with her actual imprisonment. As the fifteenth century came towards a close, Malory’s English canon of Arthurian lore preserved morality developed in response to Margaret’s actions and the Treasons Act and the consequences for the immoral.
Le Morte D’Arthur contains eight books of adventures that warn both genders of the cost of adultery – a marked change from his predecessors. The book opens with a discussion of Arthur’s youth and his adventures until his battles in Rome. In book three, however, the introduction of courtly love and its consequences change the tone of the work. Upon his return from Rome, The Tale of Sir Lancelot du Lac finds Sir Lancelot trapped in a bewitched slumber. Four sorceress queens from North Galys, Estelonde, the Outer Isles, and Queen Morgan le Fay of Gorre confront him over his affection for Queen Guinevere. Throughout battles with their champions, giants, and the sorceresses, themselves, he remains unshaken in his dedication. Malory foreshadows the consequences of Lancelot’s obsession through the actions of a servant…

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