Marcus Brutus : A Tragic Hero Essay

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In the play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare, Marcus Brutus has the role of a tragic hero. He has the lead role in the assassination of Julius Caesar as well as a distinguished leader and a patrician of Rome. Marcus Brutus fits the model made and perfected by Shakespeare. His model, expresses the reasons on how Marcus Brutus is a tragic hero in the play. Elements of a tragic hero regarding Shakespeare’s model include a person of noble birth, one who suffers a catastrophe, along with one who has a tragic flaw which is when a trait such as pride influences the result of the catastrophe. Shakespeare, also explains that a tragic hero also has an inner conflict. Marcus Brutus, is the tragic hero in the play. William Shakespeare incorporates traditional elements of a tragic hero, which include being of or from noble birth and a character that has a tragic flaw, along with his own elements. Marcus Brutus is a descendent of Lucius Junius Brutus. Who was a forefather of Marcus Brutus, one of the main people that extinguished monarchy and established the Roman Republic. Therefore it is one the reasons why Marcus Brutus has such love for the democracy, and was completely against going back an empire. Along with the fact that Marcus Brutus’s ancestor Lucius Junius Brutus, served on the consuls the year the Roman republic was the form of government. “...Age, thou art shamed! Rome, thou hast lost the breed of noble bloods! ...O, you and I have heard our…

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