Many Characters Affected The Growth Of Candide Essay

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Many characters affected the growth of Candide. While Pangloss and Cacambo impacted Candide in a positive way, Martin did not. Pangloss kept pushing Martin to have hope and believe that there will always be a good ending, and Martin just kept wanting him to give up and realize that life isn’t perfect. All coming from completely different backgrounds really gave Candide some perspective on the world. Half of my childhood I lived in Vegas and the other half I lived in Michigan. I went through so many friends, and each and everyone had an influence on me. When you spend so much time with a person, you start to be like them. You can not help it, but their personality and beliefs start to rub off on you. Having Pangloss be his tutor and being an optimist made Candide more optimistic, which helped him through life. Being optimistic was what pushed Candide to finish his journey. If wasn 't optimistic when things went wrong then he would have given up a while back. All of the characters in Voltaire’s novel, Candide, had a huge impact on Candide 's personality, no matter if they were secondary characters or minor characters.
Pangloss is Candide 's tutor. Pangloss is an optimist and his philosophy is that everything happens for a reason. “This is what I was always taught by Mr.Pangloss, and I see plainly that all is for the best” (Voltaire 14). This quote is said by Candide and you can tell how greatly Pangloss has influenced him. He believes that even if there is a horrible…

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