How Did Queen Elizabeth I Never Hold Her Tongue

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“There is no marvel in a woman learning to speak, but there would be in teaching her to hold her tongue” ― Elizabeth I Tudor ( However, Queen Elizabeth I never held her tongue when she could have a say in matters. In many ways, Queen Elizabeth was one of the very first women in the 1500s to dominate her own era. Queen Elizabeth l controlled part of the government and provided suitable leadership for her army when the Spanish Armada tried to challenge England. With her intelligence, manipulative speech skills, and bravery, Queen Elizabeth inspired her army to face the Spanish Armada with fierceness, power, and strength, which lead to their victory.

One of the ways Queen Elizabeth was able to lead her army to victory was with
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Queen Elizabeth realized that her emotions would have a huge impact on her army. Ms. Elizabeth knew that this was the right way to address her army because she figured that if she, the leader, was calm, then her army would gain more confidence in themselves. Her calm demeanor also calmed the army down a bit. Moreover, since this battle was one over the territory of England, Elizabeth’s speech aided the soldiers realize that they couldn’t let the Spanish conquer their homeland without a good fight. In addition to Queen Elizabeth’s intelligent strategies, her intelligent intuition helped her realize that she must publicly support her army 100% in order for her army to stick out their necks and be empowered to win the battle for her ( 2014). Knowing that Queen Elizabeth supported and believed in them 100%, Queen Elizabeth’s army received the empowerment they needed to fight the Spanish Armada with confidence. A truly great leader is somebody who’s willing to give their underlings hope in a time of despair. Queen Elizabeth did exactly what a truly great leader would do for her army. Furthermore, Ms.

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