Manipulation Of The People Through Use Of Literary Devices Essay example

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Maddie Hunt
Humes (8)
AP English 11
29 March 2016
Claudius’ Manipulation of the People through the Use of Literary Devices Shakespeare’s Hamlet is an original play set in the ancient kingdom of Denmark and is known today as a backbone to American literature. The play is centered around Hamlet, a young, handsome prince, seeking revenge on his newly found stepfather, who also happens to be his uncle. Hamlet’s real father, King Hamlet, dies unexpectedly, leaving his son grief stricken. Days after his father’s death, Hamlet encounters a ghost which claims to be his father’s soul. This ghost tells Hamlet that his uncle Claudius-who recently married his mother, Gertrude, and is given the crown to rule over the kingdom of Denmark-is responsible for King Hamlet’s death. Hamlet is, in turn, infuriated and creates a master plan to get Claudius to showcase his guilt. By the end of the play, his guilt is proven and, in a dramatic turn of events, both Hamlet and Claudius die within minutes of each other. Before Hamlet’s plan proves that Claudius is a murderer, however, the reader can get a sense of Claudius’ deceitfulness by dissecting his opening speech. Claudius uses specific literary strategies to convince the people of Denmark that he will be a capable ruler of their country and a loving husband to Gertrude. Knowing that the people loved King Hamlet, and also knowing that he murdered this beloved hero, Claudius uses his inaugural speech to begin his political reign of lies…

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