Managing The Bribery And Corruption Risk Essay

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Doing business in the global context today involves three things; one completion that is moving fast, pressure on companies to improve their growth and financial performance, and the diligence to expand into new markets globally (Hill, 2008). Equally, the regulations guiding businesses have increased both in number and in complexity (Vogel, 2010). Today, the Regulatory authorities in different countries share information amongst themselves more frequently, and they are more aggressive with the enforcement of the regulations and also adamant about their expectation of business conduct accountability all over the world. Managing the bribery and corruption risk is mainly about trust as well as the corporate behavior (Wu, 2005). Corruption and bribery can be very deceptive in nature, and every instance of corruption taints the organizational brand. The individuals involved in corruption malpractices, the process and even the overall equity and effectiveness of the organizational system. Tolerating bribery and corruption imply a systematic disintegration of the ethical framework of the organization. Therefore, this report gives the best practice corporate governance guidelines that can help BHP Billiton to effectively manage and prevent any future issues of alleged corporate malpractices and other actions that the company executives or directors may classify as corrupt practices.
Recommended Best Practice Corporate Governance Guidelines for BHP Billiton
BHP Billiton has…

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