Essay on Managing a Change

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Improving a Change
Reina Stewart
HR587 Managing Organizational Change
December 12, 2011

Executive Summary
The name of the organization is Auto Club Group (AAA Michigan). ACG is an insurance company that has members in six states, MI, WI, IL, MN/IA. The members have insurance with AAA for auto, home, and/or life. The company also offers travel, membership and roadside assistance. The company has three call centers, Dearborn, MI; Grand Rapids, MI; and Omaha, NE. The call centers handle all the calls from members. Two of the call centers are twenty-four hours. My department is the Command Center, we monitor all three call center. My position is a Real-Time Coordinator. We have eleven RTC’s, seven at the headquarters in Dearborn, two
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Initially the upgrade was to take eight hours. The upgrade took two weeks in some locations. The upgrade affected the workload in my department and how we monitor the agents in the call center. Supervisors and managers job duties were affected as well. Once the system was installed, the next hurdle was using it. No one was trained on the software. A selected few were given a two-day class for training. The test version that was for training did not work properly and many questions went unanswered. The rest of us were given a book to read and processed with the trial and error method. We learned things on our own. Questions were written down and given to the instructor for her to find out and get back with us. The system did not work how management thought it would and there was no one to ask because we were the first to have this version. After the two weeks, my department had to fix the disruption the implementation had caused, more work, same hours and new system. The department was frustrated with the system, extra work, lack of help and communication from management. Once we had some knowledge of the program and able to catch up the agents schedules, we were given other problems to fix. The software had many restrictions and limitation that management had to set up. This step was not taken until later in the year instead of the beginning. The effort of the company was horrible. They did not prepare the

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