Managerial Ethics And Social Responsibility Essay

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Managerial Ethics, Do They Have a Place In Business? Almost every successful business has failed to do the right thing at one time or another. Ethical practices have a place is every business, but it is up to the managers and executives to go about the company’s business ethically. Ethics is a code of moral principles, they set standards of good, bad, right and wrong. In the workplace, ethical behavior is expected as good and right in the context of the governing moral code. In most cases ethical behavior is always legal, but legal behavior is not always ethical. Ethical dilemmas can occur when choices offer personal or organizational benefit, but can be considered dishonest, and illegal. Personal values and morals can help determine individuals ethical behavior. Managers help make the difference in ethics and social responsibility, because managers must accept personal responsibility for doing the right thing. Managers play crucial role In responding to public demands. Ethics and social responsibility play a central role managers’ decisions and activities. Managers act as leaders for their co-workers, Is fellow employees see managers doing unethical wrongdoings, the employees will find it acceptable to continue to do unethical practices for their company. Managers are responsible for treating their employees with respect in regards to the moral codes and principles of the code of ethics.
Companies can maintain high ethical standards in many ways. One common way…

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