Management Vs. Leadership : Management Essay

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Management VS Leadership

1) Management: As the name states management is a skill of managing the business, organization, team or an event. It deals with managing resources, things and people effectively to increase efficiency and performance. It helps in coordinating the people and accomplish goals and objectives.
Six functions are considered necessary for an effective management. There are as follows:
1. Forecasting: Achieving the objective by planning the future goals.
2. Planning: Prepare an action plan according to the needs in the future.
3. Coordinating: Achieving an organization goals by creating a structure
4. Organizing: Making sure that all the resources are utilized properly.
5. Commanding: Making people do the work according to the situation.
6. Controlling: Check progress against plans.

Management will include skills like leadership, Interpersonal, political, diagnostic, technical and conceptual. Apart from having the skills, the manager should implement policies and strategies to get a smoother functioning. There are different levels of management which include First level, Middle Level and Top level management.


2) Leadership: Leadership is an ability of a person to lead, inspire and guide a team or an organization. Leadership is a quality that is to be possessed by an individual to achieve a common goal or objective.…

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