Male Female Inequality Of African Americans And African American Community

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The members of the African diaspora have suffered countless tragedies. Western colonialism, slavery, neocolonialism, and internal colonialism have impacted Africa, African Americans, and the millions of other African descendants around the world. These western practices brought much discord to African Americans and the black family. Western values and culture created male-female inequality by separating men and women in their labor system, persuaded African American’s to reject their own culture, and encourages black people to refrain from teaching their children about racial pride. Through these actions, African Americans have found themselves at odds with the Western world. Male-female inequality in the African and African American community began with western imposition. Colonialism, a western world creation, altered “Africa’s system of traditional governance” (T’Shaka 235). One of these traditional systems that was distorted by colonialism and continues to be altered by neocolonialism is African agriculture and nomadic systems. According to Oba T’Shaka, this traditional system “produced systems of parallel complementary and male-female equality” (236).The African agriculture and nomadic systems were family-based waged labor systems. Slavery and colonialism, on the other hand, were individualistic (T’Shaka 236.) By imposing an individualistic structure, there were different values placed on male labor and female labor (T’Shaka 236). By giving men and women separate…

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