Malcom Cowley 's View Of What A Man Turning 80 Feels Essay

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“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear [insert name here], happy birthday to you,” the most memorized song for any birthday always raises the question of age. The many more to come saying. It also brings ups to the dreaded question of, “how old are you now?” Then last it brings the question of when do adults become old. Malcom Cowley wrote his view of what a man turning 80 feels. Sometimes the way we view age has to do with our culture. No two people think alike, so not everyone looks at age with the same aspect. Age a touchy topic because it depends on people feel, what is taught and how an individual views age. Age, what a horrible word. Unless it is looked at in a bright light without wrinkles and fine lines. Malcom Cowley’s article The View from 80 he stated, “… when an old person became decrepit, it was time for him to go.” Decrepit is worn out or ruined because of ageing or neglect. Decrepit is a bad word to use for age. When it is time for people to go that means die; yes, people die. Not everyone goes at 85, some even die at an early age. “Old” has to do with how one feels at their age. When a person feels weak like their bones are brittle; are they old? No, but they feel old. Walking five miles up a steep hill at the end of the day anyone will feel like their legs are falling off and every bone and muscle is about to shed away. Age is just a number, later Cowley states in the same article, “It seems to him that old age is only a…

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