Malcolm X : A Philosophical Perspective Essay

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Malcolm X addresses an important topic in his conversation with the American ambassador in Africa. His observations on the causes and nature of racism are of a philosophical nature and have multiple interpretations that relate differently to Malcolm X, Anne Moody and Ta-Nehisi Coates. To understand the origin of racism, it is important to distinguish it from discrimination, which is considered normal and universal. Racism on the other hand is pathological and stems from the belief that some people are superior because they belong to a specific nationality, race or ethnic group. While they are misconceptions, these attitudes are formed about people based on differences in culture, appearance, values and customs.

The major philosophical theory that supports Malcolm X’s statement is the racial contract, which establishes that white supremacy can be considered a political system. While many people might not agree that it is a political system, it acts as the underlying platform on which political theorizing occurs. This foundation grew as a result of the consolidation of white supremacy across the globe, which was originally shaped by European domination. It can be defined as a political system due to its regulation of socio-economic privilege and rights as well as the distribution of both wealth and opportunities. Malcolm X strongly believed in Black Nationalism and thus encouraged that politics in black communities should be controlled by black people. His argument is…

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