Essay about Maketing Report of Chanel

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Chanel started its business in Paris in 1909 and opened outlets in different countries for example, opened a boutique in 1913 in France, and it becomes one of the largest fashion brands in the world. It has produced clothing, footwear, handbags, cosmetics, fragrances and jewelries1 which are shopping goods. The characteristic of Chanel’s products are audacious, perfectionist, unique, passionate and visionary2. Chanel has won few FiFi awards which is a popular award in fragrance market between 1973 and 2006. Although Chanel is a well-known brand in the fashion market in the world; it still has some strong competitors to compete with it for example, Escada and Anna Sui.
Chanel N°5 is the earliest, the most successful and
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From the news, we know males become another big market besides females. Then, use the personal character factor divide the male and female into small groups such as femininity, elegant etc.
Step2: Chanel has already separated its products in different categories based on characters presented by fragrances, such as No5 conveys the femininity character.
Step3: By using the segments in step1 as horizontal rows and the product groupings in step 2 as vertical columns of the market-product grid (Figure 1), the grid use 0,1,2,3 to display the level of market size—none, small, medium and large market respectively. Therefore, we can determine which target market segments that Chanel selects and which products to offer.
Step4: Chanel mainly focuses on the market size to select its target market. The market-product grid (figure 1) has showed the large market of No5 is femininity, and also display the target market of No5 is female that has femininity character.
Step5: After finding out the target market, Chanel use an advertisement to promote No5 can shape out femininity character to create a value for the target market to buy.
Product analysis
Chanel’s product lines are fragrance and beauty, fashion, fine jewelry and watches, and eyewear in which “a product line is a group of products that are closely related because they satisfy a class of needs, are used together, are sold to the same

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