Major Environmental Influences On The Agencies Of The Criminal Justice System

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1) Discuss the major environmental influences on the agencies of the criminal justice system.

- Klofas, Stojkovic, & Kalinich, (1990) described a system 's organizational environment as any external phenomenon, event, group or individual which is composed of technological, legal, political; economic, demographic, ecological and cultural forces
- The relationship between an organization and its environment is interdependent. The organization is affected by its environment, and the environment is affected by the organization.
- Economic inequalities and unemployment may increase criminality
- Technology, transportation and communication changes affect how criminal justice agencies do their jobs. These environmental forces create completely new forms of criminality. For example, deployment of such technology as video-taping has reduced much guess work and increase criminal justice efficiency.
- Statutory laws like ‘three strikes’ and the USA PATRIOT ACT profoundly change criminal justice agencies. Civil litigation influences agency behavior by keeping them on their toes, ensuring best practices and that citizen rights are not trampled upon.

2) Describe the political environment of the criminal justice system. - The political environment is a complex process of formal and informal political subsystems.
- Political environment of the criminal justice system comprises of the formal (federal, state and local legislation), court system (judges’ decisions based on values) and…

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