Mainstream Values Analysis

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Monologue of a non-traditional Mainstream values holder

Material and social attributes are the natural attributes of the mankind. Human beings are social animals since ancient times. No matter how old you are, what you do, which lifestyle you take, you simply can’t avoid people nor communication. When you deal with other persons, you are often judged and labeled by them according to Mainstream values of the society. People try to figure you out by telling your social status through your appearances, your political leanings through your readings and opinions. According to this, they decide which group of people you belong to. In other words, they detect whether you are one of them or not and then decide how they can treat you accordingly. In
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They are the reflection of the acknowledgment of the majority towards the social values at the time. Without doubt, Mainstream values vary in different countries and different periods of time in history. However we can always find some values that are identical or similar to each other despite the culture differences, such as the definition of success and the political correctness. The definition of success is usually associated with wealth and power. Presidents and social celebrities are usually considered more successful than a grocery store owner. Almost every president and prime minister is offered to publish their autobiography. However few publishers would be willing to pay 20 million to a grocery store owner to tell the story of his life. Endangered species such as Chinese pandas draw much more attention than the little sow bugs. Pandas are superstars among the endangered species even in the whole animal world. They are cute, rare and need our immediate protection. Nobody is talking about the protection or the living status of sow bugs. Nevertheless, people talk about “all created equal” and “the survival of the fittest” all the time. These simply do not apply in this …show more content…
As the products of consumerism and entertainment times, televisions and fashion are often considered superficial and become the symbols of culture desert. She does not want to read about the “history of British television critism” nor the history of “Oscars dress etiquette since the ceremony’s inception in 1928” (99). Only those who are brainwashed by entertainment lifestyle and consumerism will be content with a bunch of pop-corns and the display of actresses’ Haute-Coutures. Davis would rather spend time wandering in the stream of consciousness of Proust, reading the works of French writers and the poems of Catullus. It seems that she could resist the powerful trend of our times by doing all of

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