Essay Magnificence: Writing and Vicente

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II. Author: Estrella D. Alfon


Estrella Alfon was born in San Nicolas, Cebu City on March 27, 1917. She went to medical school to finish her medicinal studies but when she was misdiagnosed for having tuberculosis, she had to withdraw from her studies. She finished her education with a degree in Associate of Arts instead.

She became the first and only female member of the Veronicans, a group of writers in the 1930s, prior to the Second World War, led by Francisco Arceuana and H.R. Ocampo. They were recognized as the first group of Filipino writers who wrote almost exclusively in English. She was named the most prolific Filipina writer prior to World War II.

Estrella Alfon’s first story was
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The author sees all, knows all and tells all what is the story supposed to be.

VIII. Personal Judgement

* Magnificence is a touching psychological and moralistic story. * Magnificence is a story of family * Magnificence is a story of innocence * Magnificence is a story of desires


* Family oriented * Trust


MAGNIFICENCE by: Estrella Alfon

Carpio, Angelo V. Mr. De Guzman
BSCS IV English 5 Prof.

There is couple with a son and a daughter. Their parents have a good job. They go to school. Their mother is a president in their village. In a meeting the man volunteered to be their tutor because he doesn’t do anything in the evening also for an extra job. His name is Vicente. He is a bus conductor. So he went to the house every night to teach the kids.

He promised the kids to give them 2 pencils each. One night he gives the pencil to the kids. That time it was the "it". The children in this time want pencils. Vincent is nice to the children. He knows their wants. But when he gave the pencil, he gives 3 pencils for the girl and 2 for the boy. Their mother said to say thank you. The boy kissed Vicente but Vicente told him that boys don't kiss boys. Then the girl goes to Vicente to say thank you. He hugs her so tight and the girl started to get out

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