Machiavelli 's The Prince Was Written By Niccolo Machiavelli Essay

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The Prince was written by Niccolo Machiavelli in the early 16th century in order to once again get into favor of the ruling family of Florence: The Medici’s. Publically, the goal of The Prince was to inform a ruler (Lorenzo de’ Medici) how to maintain power and stay in good favor of the subjects they rule over. Because of the many contradictions between The Prince and The Discourses, countless scholars have been perplexed by what Machiavelli’s true intentions were. Although it seems like Machiavelli is writing a set of instructions for Lorenzo de’ Medici to become a good prince, I believe that he is trying to sabotage Leonardo in order to reinstitute a republic. Throughout his letter to Lorenzo, Machiavelli proposes many ideas that on the surface seem like great ways to preserve power. In many instances, the ideas that Machiavelli offers would actually very negatively affect the person who is attempting to keep their power. All of Machiavelli’s forms of deceit fit into the ideas of craving too much power, indulging in riches, and being too defensive as a leader.

Machiavelli’s first form of deceit is to instil a thirst for power that would do nothing but lead to the populous despising the prince. I do not believe that it was an accident that Machiavelli gave such poor advice, it is simply one of the ways he will convince Lorenzo to destroy his political career. One of the first ways that Machiavelli tries to sabotage Lorenzo with power hunger is to advise him to practically…

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