Macbeth Conflict Essay example

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Macbeth Conflict

There were many struggles that Macbeth faced throughout the story. They were supernatural, internal, and external. Although many of the characters play a part in Macbeth’s demise, it was his own choice. The three witches speak of a future event that will result in Macbeth becoming king. Upon finding out this information, his wife begins to question his manhood to ensure he becomes king. Then there’s his conscience, which allows him to questions his own character. If this is where you should be, why does it feel so wrong?
From the beginning, the supernatural conflict starts. The three witch’s foretold events, that one might actually consider good news. The witches tell Macbeth he will soon become King. Unfortunately
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Unless he wanted his people to expose him for the traitor he truly became.
Lady Macbeth plot’s eventual drove her insane and soon off a cliff; literally. This was not before Macbeths internal conflicts began to surface. The many men he killed to get to the throne, he was not hearing their voices, and hallucinating their bodies. He was talking to them and they weren’t there. His conscience would not let these people rest because their blood was on Macbeth’s hands. Others easily manipulated Macbeth, and caused him to make decisions he wouldn’t usually make. His conscience had to let him know that eventually “his” own free will would determine his future. In this particular case, almost no decision was simply his own. The witches and Lady Macbeth were the beginning, middle, and end to his new occupation; King Macbeth
As he is pulled into different directions, the witches, his wife, and his conscience begin to take a physical and mental toll on Macbeth’s wellbeing. Although each individual thought they were helping him, the ultimate truth: Macbeth was never, meant to become king. King Duncan already had an heir to whom dethrone belonged to. Macbeth took many things that didn’t belong to him, lives included. The conflicts he faced, he actually trusted the people being these problems created. His blind trust led to his demise. Just that fast the rise and fall of King

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